Beirut 480m

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Pep Espelt, Anna Bosch and Joan Perramon, Beirut (Lebanon).

Beirut is a concrete city, full of buildings and without green spaces and trees. This project is a semi-public collective intervention with plants. Was created in an abandoned and ruined building, in Karantina neighborhood.

Karantina is one of the most affected places by the blast in Beirut. People from this neighborhood have registered the highest amount of people with stress, anxiety, and mental problems.

For this intervention people from different fields of knowledge, such as neuroscience, documentation science, and gardening, were working together. The main subject is gardening as a way to embellish the environment, explore creativity, foster engagement with nature, and promote mental wellbeing. 

Projected as a communitarian landscape garden that was kept through time by the same local community, homeless people from the ruined building were taking the responsibility of watering the plants.

The relationship between the community and the work team became intimate. They sent messages about how the garden was creating a healing process.
All those messages explain how the plants gave a new motivation.