Great Oven Beqaa

The Great Oven provides sustainable food relief and creative community building by leveraging the power of cooking, and art.

We see a group gathering around a great oven as an opportunity to address more than an immediate need for food. As hubs for cooking, teaching, and sharing a meal, the ovens bring people together from disparate backgrounds who would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet. Our family includes ex-fighters, trafficked women, refugees, and stateless youth.

Global Vision:

Great Oven organization has created ovens in different communities. Initiatives include the decoration of each great oven as well as the neighborhoods they belong to, a process overseen by international artists who mentor local youth to help bring their vision to life.


Interaction with the refugee community in Beqaa.

The creation of Great Oven Beqaa means a safe place for women and refugees. The refugees themselves maintain the project by organizing the spaces. The kitchen is the main axis of the cultural center. There are spaces dedicated to feminism and empowerment. Creativity is worked through the art space and the artist residency program.

The residence is an open space configured as a room within the community center of Great Oven Beqaa. Where artists can apply to reside for a time in the space and thus be able to do a job.

Through this project, we encourage the artist to connect with the refugee community, learn and become aware of the stories that are part of the people. In turn, the artist can contribute her knowledge and generate a work of transformation of both the space and people’s lives.


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