Reviving the Shared Heritage of the Mediterranean through Art and Human Rights Advocacy.

The focus of Underline is to recover the historical bond between the culturally rich Mediterranean countries, which has been lost due to increasing political and economic barriers. These reinforced borders have hindered cultural exchange and perpetuated a limited view of what lies within the region. This isolation exacerbates the critical global issues we face, such as the depletion of resources, the migration crisis, and climate change.

Underline promotes a cross-border artistic community that advocates for and brings attention to human rights issues. Art is seen as a tool for fostering community and catalyzing social change. The project works towards activism through creativity, directly engaging with the public in the community and using public spaces as a platform.




Jofre Oliveras and Dalal Mitwally collaborated to create a mural entitled “Column” on a prominent wall in Amman. The piece depicts an individual bearing the weight of history. This mural was censored because the government was finding it inappropriate to paint a “stone” (the capital of a Nabatean column from Petra) over the kufiya, considering the kufiya as a symbol of royal representation.


One year after the devastating explosion that rocked Beirut in 2020, we made our way to the city to collaborate with local artists and organizations on various initiatives. Despite the destruction still visible in some parts of the city, we were determined to support and uplift the community. However, as we settled in during the months of September, October, and November of 2021, the political climate became increasingly unstable, eventually escalating into a full-blown civil war. Nevertheless, we remained committed to our mission.