A creative space that gives life to disused industrial heritage. It is an old convent of nuns turned into an experimental laboratory, both on a personal and artistic level, where very diverse projects come together.

We are a cultural project and a community at the same time. We live together and share our living space with people coming from different backgrounds. We focus on creativity, self-sufficiency, and especially those projects that have no place in the institutional framework.

Global Vision:

Konvent is the main space for the construction of the Underline project. We are a constantly evolving space with the aim of creating a structure that facilitates the creative development of any person, no matter where they come from.


Meeting point.

The konvent space is a well-established artistic residence that is emerging more and more strongly in the international cultural context. We conceive the artistic community and the team of professionals linked to the cultural center, as a necessary part to promote local artists from other countries.

The framework of the konvent residency is a springboard program for artists to connect with the national creative scene. The people who make up the artistic community are responsible for accompanying the artist involved.

The konvent residency program opens annually and hosts artists of all nationalities. In addition, events are organized where work is done to revitalize the Underline project to link all project actors, artists, organizers, and potential collaborators.


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