The vision of this project focuses on recovering the historical relationship that the different cultures of the Mediterranean countries always had and now is currently lost due to a socio-political and economic issue. The European borders, increasingly reinforced, prevent cultural exchange and cancel the perception of everything that does not fall within the region. Isolation worsens and it is more difficult to realize the critical situation that we are facing globally, be it due to the depletion of resources, the migration crisis, or climate change.

Underline promotes an idea of a cross-border artistic community based on the dissemination of Human Rights through different actions. We understand art as a tool that generates community and social transformation. We work activism from art, directly in the public space and with the people of the territory.


– Create a network of residencies with a springboard program for emerging artists or people with artistic potential

– Create cultural bridges between Mediterranean countries through cross-cultural exchanges

– Understand how to identify and promote artistic activities through focusing on local heritage, as well as stimulate the artistic production of the area

– Make visible situations that violate Human Rights, such as the current exploitation of resources by Europe outside its borders and the migration crisis, from the perspective of the people involved.

Work Plan

Each situation determines the work process, we adapt to the environmental and cultural reality we find in each country we visit. We propose a work plan that allows us to draw up an annual roadmap with three general phases:

1st Phase (opening):

  • Making contact with a local person, who knows the area and its culture.
  • Travel to the territory, to create a small working group, with several local people. We contact these people because of their interest in art, be they artists or people with artistic potential.
  • On-site production of one or more collective artistic actions.

2nd Phase (work on distance):

  • Establishment of a virtual communication channel between our group and the people with whom we had worked during our visit to the territory. Develop future artistic residency projects.

3rd Phase (residence):

  • Displacement of the people involved from their country of origin to another country, to develop the coordinated project remotely during phase 2.